Tuesday, February 24, 2009

well I have been busy taking all my scrapbooking magazines ( like 30) and now I have just the layouts or home decor ideas I like, want or will use. That seems to be about 10 pages ( 8.5X11) with the raw ripped out of the magazine or non-straight scissor cutting----I think it gives the whole ideas book some edge--- with home decor.. or I WANTS.. or I NEEDS =) ;) ;) on the perfect shade of red I adore and the layouts I want to use or like to sometime use on white.... and recycled the magazines....but then I was thinking the next day...I should have kept them for my friends who are doing the same to go through...... cuz one girls ugly bird paper can be an others "I really like that paper" paper... I will think of that if I come across another magazine...

I also removed my idea for a layout to enter... cuz Tammi pointed out that it can not be on any website... so just in case this one counts.... it was removed!

Danica is super excited about her Baton competition...since this one will be for ribbons and points will be scored! its all out of 2.5 but with only be in baton once a week from october til now, we will not expect anything over a 1!

Damon had another game we played short handed... one player over two lines! we are use to 3 lines I do believe... and we pulled up a goalie from a year younger then our team(ours was sick and the other two away!) the boys were tired in the end..... Damon managed to get about 4 or 5 assists and 1 goal... he also has a huge tournament this weekend with 24 teams entered and will be missing last half of Friday to attend his first game against Macklin(my brother played most of hockey on that team and I know they are always a strong team so it will be a very hard first game!)

Saturday will be running from baton the hockey all day long... damon has 3 games and danica's baton goes from 830am until night time....her main pre- routines will be in the am with her solo right after lunch and her group performance will be in the evening....and depending on how Damon's hockey goes we could play 730am on Sunday and I think possibly 2 games that day as well.. hate those early games that means no sleeping in all weekend =(

Think I will get another card for the camera... so I can take photos of both and not worry about how many are left....

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Aspergertopia said...

It's fun making these binders isn't it! Are you coming to KAGS scrap day?