Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today Dj had another Baton Competition... this one was hosted by our club, so not only was it a long day to spend at Walter Murry High School- we had to be put to work too. And like always there is a raffle table... Danica had all her tickets in the wishful buckets( a ton went into the purple i-pod and another one she wanted was the new Hanna Montana movie CD and most likely 15 other prizes that caught her eye) her Grandma and I wanted her to win a I love twirling frame ( will take a photo- anyone know if I can re-color a mat in the frame I want it black?) lol guess that spoiled one win!
so after the long day all the awards are about to be handed out....
BUT wait...... Everyone reach for your 50/50 tickets...................................
and as she reads them out I said its got to be me my first ticket of 10 was 3 numbers off........ so I came home $163.00 richer- I only bought $5 worth =P

and little miss Dj also won....... sadly not the i-pod shuffle....or the HM cd........ but a blow pens art kit.... and the frame listed above- think Grandma spent $20 on tickets for that frame! thanks grandma =)

So if winning comes in 3's I better get a Lottery ticket !

now since we now have some great cupcake ideas ( check out Saucy's blog-- bloggedy blog blog-- to the right) we can now put our ultimate deco set to use and ontop on Dj's new NEEDS list are these items

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