Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Running around nonstop

It has been go...Go...GO the last couple weeks. With Danica in Baton and getting ready to attend Canadians, has meant at least 7 hours of practice a week! she has 2 group routines to learn and she needs to work on her solo- her goal is a 2.5 so she can advance to BN....

Today she was in a photo shoot for BESOBAD (Dance studio). Her group, Crocodile Rock, will be featured in the magazine Living Sky..... all the girls were excited!

Now off to bed... to start another busy day with a run at 630am..... and end it with another 3 hours of baton tomorrow!

and the great thing is ... Dj has not complained once about all the practices.... she is always trying to get a different trick mastered!

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Saucy said...

Comment window fixed! Hello there. Tell your girl she is a real trooper with all that practicing.