Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spring/Summer Cleaning

I have been trying to clean up the deep abyss called the garage! it is all set up for a MASSIVE toy sale! went through all I had packed away in there.... and cleaned off, sorted and now to label it cheap! from Rescue Hero's... Polly Pocket houses(Dj may part with the dolls too-she NEVER plays with them!)....Puzzles and Games galore..... Duplo.... and GRAB BAGS... I purchased a hundred paper bags ready to be marked for a boy/girl/baby and filled to the rim for $1.00
You name it I probably have it!

water table with a boat race side and a sand side(but never used for sand...come on Little tykes..that is just asking for a big muddy mess! ... keep them both water then you have room for a water tower and measuring toys for pouring-way more fun!)
little basketball net...a tandem stroller....barbie jeep(it will go cheap- its been out in the sun and is a little faded...but DJ Barbie still rocks on the radio while your child cruises the backyard!)

Guess that you collect a lot of kids stuff after running a Government Daycare for 8 years!

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