Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Been trying to deal with a headache and fever all day... and Kindergarten might not be the best place to be when all you want is a quiet calm setting =P

I was popping 2 extra Strength migraine Tylenol with caffeine(built right into the pill) and washing it down with a Coke! every 3 hours.... I think my liver is begging me to take something stronger and get some REST

and I plan to, as soon as I get a few things done:
1. book tomorrow morning off - as then I can sleep in or at least send kids out the door and go back to bed
2. upload Damon's birthday photos so that I can post them soon
3. upload a ton of photos to COSTCO so I have something to scrapbook
   (Heading out to Olser for Saturday with my friend Heather- we both need to get away for a bit and catch up on some chit chat! )
4. Tell kids to GET TO BED a hundred more times!


Saucy said...

Hope you are feeling better for Sunday... you're still coming, right?

Jerri-Lea said...

Yes, it is rather difficult to have a headache and be in kindergarten! Take that day... that's what they are for!! Feel better, see you Sunday.