Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Planning

Today was/still is a busy day!
Up at 8 to clean the house(dust, vacuum, bathrooms and 2 loads of laundry) and baked one of the 2cakes(there is a surprise in the cake- Monopoly=$$)
10:30am- off to baton, drop off Danica Damon and I rush to the mall to look for a charger for my cell phone  left mine at parents on the weekend) but I didn't have a car charger{now I do =)}
12:00 pick up Danica from baton... bad mom of the year - guess lessons are done at 11:30! I thought 12 for some reason!
12:10 EAT with-in 10 mins
12:30 out door to get Damon to a band camp for grade 6's....
1:00-3:00pm run errand with danica ( Tim's for ice caps FIRST) Michaels and Pet Smart(got this laser light for cats- Halo is lovin' it)
330: Damon is picked up and off for some more errands!
345-5:00 Finding the perfect treat bag items for a backyard movie party! excited to get these done up! good old dollarama!
also in that time I ran over to the LB quickly---- PIMMS--- had to ask where it was, but I got the 2nd last bottle....

and now to enjoy a Pimms while making the 2nd cake and figuring out the treat bags!

WHILE BEING SERINADED BY DAMON!! I am giving positive feed back- but it really does sound like a moose is being killed in his room!!!

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