Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How can you tell?!

School is back in full swing?

I know ... cuz I have a head-cold =P
.....the kids are grumpy- lack of sleep

trying to pack Damon for 3 days of camp at Brightwater, while making cookies for the grade 6 class and need to be at the school for 7pm for meet the teachers!

Better double up the cold medication before bed!!!


Bryce said...

Just double up on the cold meds and have a couple shots of vodka, you hsould be up and at em' in no time. that is, once you wake up from the blackout you'll suffer, but i'll bet you'll feel damn good before it happens though.

I by no means condone the use of cold medication with vodka, i, in no means think that this mixture is something people should do in order to get better from a sickness. it would be a lot better if whiskey was used in place of the vodka.

Anonymous said...

baby brother ...it all goes down smoother in a fruity martini...place pills in shaker to dissolve that way you solve the problem of big pills and a sore throat!

Bryce said...

hmmmm, you make sense with this idea. however, i'm still a little perplexed by the image in my head of you creating your cold & flu martini.

*Bond music*
"I'll have a dry martini on the pills. Shaken, not stirred"

p.s- how come you are listed as anonymous?

Karen of the KAGS said...

You can tell it's back to school when..the hard sell is on for magazine subscriptions and parents are watching their finances with all the registration fees!

jkddz said...

anonymous since I was to lazy to log into the account..