Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Halloween Treats I have been experimenting with ! it was so much work to make 24 =) think I will make a class at a time and let the kids bring them as a finish them..... just too much work to make the original 100 a couple nights before Oct.30!!

and here is what I am working on now.... I am in love with the jewels that  I have been ooogling at on The Tudors (as stated in another post)... I have some beads and pendents and I plan on making a necklace...... a little something to go with our theme in November-- perhaps

Have my eyes on making something like this photo - what did we do before Google?

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Karen of the KAGS said...

The pops look fab Kari. I think I had maybe pick up the orange candy melts while I'm at Michaels today - before they're all gone!

sassy studio said...

smell the hands great tip!
I LOVE this necklace- don't forget to post about it when you pull it off smart girl!

Jenn said...

Your pops look awesome Kari!!! Planning to make pumpkin and ghosty cupcake pops for Little Beans pre-school. I haven't made them for ages. Can't wait, they're so fun!

Sabii Wabii said...

Oh yeah this is awesome. And thank you for the wonderful compiment of coming back for more!