Saturday, November 28, 2009

christmas craft

   Parent / teacher interviews were on Thursday. Both kids did really well on their report cards =) Damon has an 84% average (in grade 6 they are given their marks for the core subjects) Danica was meeting in every subject and excelling in 5 categories.

Damon's teacher has asked if I could help out in a Christmas craft... due to Damon's big mouth- he mentioned that I was planning on doing something cool with the mini round Coke bottles from Walmart.
So on the 17th I will be teaching 28 grade 6 students this cupcake ( from Bakerella's website)

instructions HERE

I think that we will make the snow globe and the coke crate cupcake....I better test this one out before the 17th!! But I do have LOTS of fondant left from making Damon's monopoly cake!

tomorrow I will be attending Saucy's Charm Swap.... this time the bracelet will be for a gift... and since my charms have been lost in the mail... I have been busy getting some charms made

and for any of my friends who would like to come over for cheesecake and drinks... I will be having a Norwex party on Dec 9th at 7:30....

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Jerri-Lea said...

I wanted to try those cupcakes too but I don't think I could pull it off.

See you tomorrow! I'm finishing my charms tonight and having some technical difficulties!