Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Count Down

I made this gift card for my Mom, thought I would Jazz-up this little card. I used Chipboard from the Sask Scraps and some of the new Vintage Christmas paper pack I bought there as well... some SMOOCH glitter mist(on the flowers) inked the edges and scratch on a rub-on... Easy Peasy--- so I had to make 2 more for Friends

And Speaking about friends, Tammi knows me all too well=)

we never mentioned about gifts at all....

I LOVE it... this purse is SO me, you were totally right Tammi.....

and it is reversible! check them out HERE.

hope you will get some use out of your gift as well.... Costco had a cupcake/treats storage container that will hold 36 cupcakes! (with icing, I might add) and since I knew that most out there are for 12-16 cupcakes max! I bought us both one!! *FYI: they are located right by the books

After Tammi and I exchanged gifts I headed out to finish the stocking shopping. Entering into Future Shop I managed to slip on ice and ( in my big boots) GOD how embarrassing! one guy stopped to make sure I was okay. My finger stung a bit... and when I looked at it in the store I realized why.... it was bleeding really good! I was able to get a Band-aid from customer service and some Kleenex to clean up... Everyone who knows me really good also knows I'm a KLUTZ.
So now I am thinking I am finally DONE Christmas shopping!!

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Karen of the KAGS said...

Those cupcake carriers are THE BEST. Now they are back at Costco I bought another set (& one more for Jenn)! A girl has to have her luggage - no matter what it's made to carry!
Merry Christmas Z's!