Friday, December 18, 2009

DIRTY oven and cupcakes a PLENTY

   So I thought it might be fun to add up how many cupcakes I have made since the beginning of December:

Cupcakes a PLENTY:

10 Boxes of cake mix
40 eggs
5 cups of melted butter

110 Big cupcakes and 80 mini cupcakes

7 cups of Cristco
7 cups of butter
7 teaspoons of clear vanilla
14 tablespoons of cream
28 cups of icing sugar
1 pot of red dye
.5 pot og kelly green gye
.5 pot of royal blue
a dash of black dye
2 cups of Cocoa

and for the dirty part:

I know my oven has needed a cleaning for a while now!!! and I hate to admit but.......... I am thinking that I really have only cleaned it once in.... .............11 years *muttered in a small voice with a cough or two to try to cover up the length of time*
but I really can not handle the Easy Off smell (not saying anyone else can either) When I was at Tammi's Open House Party, I noticed that Norwex had a next to nothing smelling oven cleaner...... so for those that did not spend to get a self clean oven.... I can hands down recommend this cleaner..... not only was it easy to breath in..... It also required very little elbow grease!!!
so those who peeked in and looked at my oven... the following will be no surprise ......... and those who know me and how I like to keep things clean will be SHOCKED that I had a Dirty DIRTY oven!!!.....

I was thinking the other day that maybe my oven was like the Pampered Chef Stones ( which is the only thing I use-not one baking sheet in my house!) and that the oven cooks better the darker it was

But with my new cleaner delivered to me at 9pm I was ready to clean:

this: (can't believe I will share this)

with 2 applications it looks amazing!:


Karen of the KAGS said...

My oven needs cleaning too - wanna come experiment with mine?

Saucy said...

Why so many cucpakes? Christmas or a baton fundraiser??

You're a girl after my own heart.