Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Been looking awhile... but I think I found it

thinking my tax refund (yes I plan on getting one this year!!) its my earned money- so I am entitled to it for once!!

The EZ View craft desk... you can pick your own "leg/sides" and I will be adding the extra set of drawers! I have contacted the company and shipping with broker fees/ customs and GST would be $200.00 but with how big and heavy it would be and I know the trouble at the border that we often have... this is a deal!


back to work and I am exhausted! who knew Kindergarten could give you such a run for your money! SWEET & INNOCENT --- yeah that is what they would like you to think!!


Jenn said...

very nice Kari! Good choice.

Jenn said...

Hey Kari,

Remember when we took that two peas photo class - 12 weeks to better photos? Do you archive them? If so, can you send them to me Pretty Please :)


Anonymous said...

OOOOoohhhh! That is the yummiest-looking desk. I saw it in CK in Nov. and loved it. Will you be selling tickets for people to come on sight-seeing tours of your desk once it has arrived?