Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cupcakes and a week long update

First... Monday was a field trip to Pooh Corner (Storytime in the downtown library) and a little boy I was keeping an eye on threw his body back while sitting by me and ...... well... I caught him, but something sounded not so good in my chest but the morning went 1:30 I could not breath more than half a regular breath at a time.... by 2a.m. I woke up in a bunch of pain (crying actually) but refused to go to the ER.... slept finally sitting up (because laying down made it feel like my chest was caving in) The next morning I still went to work ( the 3 extra strength Motrin seemed to help) but by the end of work I was back to the same pain..... so off to the Dr. and after a 1.5 hour wait... I finally got to go back to those "little rooms" but when I mentioned it was chest pain.... I was treated right then! monitors hooked up and my blood pressure taken ( 142/80-- I have not a clue what it means and my heart was beating at 84 a minute) after a run through of every little question... I was sent off to get an X-ray ( my first one every- well teeth don't count, to me) and the ribs were not fractured or dislocated... but they were off set a bit... the Dr. said they maybe needed to be popped back into place - like a sprained ankle after the swelling goes down..... so until then... LOAD yourself up on these and top them up with another 800mg of advil/mortin and it should help!!
    and by Friday I was feeling way better!!

These are my FAVORITE Hershey KISS <3  So why not make them into a cupcake for my staff friends at school!

the icing even had cherry juice in it to add the sweet yummy taste!
 LOVE my Costco find at Christmas time! holds 36  but the only complaint is that I can't have as HIGH of icing!
Friday night was a BLING it up night... I had purchased one package of bling but that was not enough! I went back for 3 more! Danica had her first baton competition... and her solo costume that her coach ordered in did not fit her... so I decided to add some sparkle to her Jazz exam outfit.... I had sketched out a pattern to follow and 4 hours of BLINGING it was done! there is $44.00 of sparkle on her... ( and people that was at the 40% off) no wonder those outfits can be in the hundreds!
only have one more large purple swirl to add to the back!

Danica did AMAZING.... she managed to catch one of her 1-turns ( a super high throw... spin one rotation and catch) .....
now to go through 230 photos I took of her and her friend during their solo!

I also got a HUGE bag of Birthday items from my friend Heather =) the most amazing black and white mugs full of chocolate, my FAVORITE candle flavor (she use to sell Partylite), a Tim's card, scrapbooking embellishments, hand wash, tassimo green tea and fuzzy socks!   Thanks so much Heather....

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Jerri-Lea said...

Well, Happy Birthday!! Glad you are feeling better! What we go through at work!!