Monday, March 29, 2010

Short n sweet

Since my laptop has decided to not run in windows vista or at all for that matter! I thought I would quickly post from my iPod. Danica had baton on Saturday in Regina. 530 am we were waiting to get on the bus!! And back in Saskatoon at midnight, a long long day.

Danica now is in a 9-11yrs age group so the judging seems more strict! But out of 10girls she managed to get 4th and was .01 away from 3rd. Her group came home with a gold or first place! (this is the same team that won gold in canadians as a large group last year. Rtheyonly had 2minor drops and were pretty much dead on with their pattern work.

I have a few photos  and soon as my laptop is working I will post some!

she also has a dance competition in north battleford on Monday. Where they will be dancing up a storm to 911 or fire burning on the dance floor song- in my opinion it's a little too saucy for 9 year olds...but they look good as a group all together.

Okay fingers are getting cramps from holding and typing this post....hope I can figure out what is up with my laptop

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