Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sometimes just gets busy and you have no time =P

I plan on posting updated photos of Dj's bedroom.... plan on making my cheap charger station ... finish making my little space for Danica and I to create...

but instead this is what I am busy at :
-PPP's since it is report card time....
-Scrap Splurge night- that was great to get out and see some friends and get some creative juices flowing and get back into it all.
- running Dj to and from extra baton and jazz classes and dress rehearsals
- making cupcakes for the dress rehearsal concession
-trying to squeeze in some gym time(spin class today was great! that is how a few friends and I spend our Saturday A.M. )
- buying BLACK EYED PEA tickets... phoned in cuz all I was getting was far lower level and now I will be going with a friend section 22 row 11.... super pumped.. cheaper seats and I will have a great view...

better get cleaning the house and start checking off my TO DO list!!!

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