Wednesday, April 7, 2010

update #1

My Peachy Cheap grab bag rrived today...(check out link on the top right- they have one item a day)

I think it cost me $13.00 with shipping

and my treat for Dj and I....cubicals from Michaels (and with 40% off coupons!) they are all easy to move too... so that I can paint and get the basement looking more updated!! a couple cans of paint can do wonders and is a cheap way to spruce up the house =)

I now have a little spot to work on my photos and scrapbooking.... its also big enough to share with Dj =)

I spent most of today sorting junk and making trip to and from Value Village and the second hand store on 115th.... I have another load to go there tomorrow =0)

I have also sorted through a bunch of photos that have been piling up on my CF card......  photos of the baton and dance competitions will follow later tonight... and video if I can figure it out...

Easter at my parents... in true small town style- includes a cake bingo.... and I won (but made Danica scream BINGO) =P

Looks can go a long way.... and that is where it ended for this cake!


sassy said...

your room looks great-I love glass jars andyouknow just where to put them! I say tracey bags on etsy-love them! I can never grab one before she gets sold out! We must talk lenses at our next event, I need to update!

Erin said...

I love your scrap space. So organized...sigh:) So many neat drawers and compartments, there must be a space for everything. Looks great and at 40% off...excellent!