Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake time

I have been away at the Lake (Gravel)... good luck finding it without following someone there- it is on a sand trail in a Community pasture... no power, no running water... just 4 walls and a roof to sleep under... Back to Basics there..... where you know all your neighbours (heck you grew-up with them all) and its now their kids playing and running around with your kids... thinking they are being sneaky running around the camp sites til midnight and finding cool spots ... but in reality- we had already did all that when we were kids!.....

This year 2 of my childhood friends ( OK the only other 2 girls in my grade until we went to High School in grade 10) were there as usual- but his year they both have 4 little ones ( almost 1years to 8years ) (3 months- 5years) those girls are busy! So I tried to hold and cuddle the youngest to give them a little break- but in all honesty they didn't really need the break... they had it all under control the whole time! i just liked to take the kids and spoil them with homemade cookies, hot chocolate and maybe the odd chocolate bar and snack pack! one of the monkeys I would have taken home on a heart beat..... she just reminds me of Danica when she was little... and that girl loves her chocolate-she would blend right in =-)

We had a fun night for the kids last Wednesday .... relays, door prizes, juice, chips, tons of fireworks and I decided to take up face painting.... well running around the city on Tuesday I finally found face paint at Dance Street! The liquid black pot was a must have to outline with a #2 round paint brush(care of Michaels) ad a set of crayon like colors (wet and apply kind)

since it was dusk and I was busy painting 50-60 kids faces I had no photos that night.... but since it was a hit ... I was always set up on the beach with the kids wanting their faces done again after swimming lessons....

here are some of the photos the next day ( I have been asked to do this again so... I will be on the look out for more ideas on patterns and sales for more colorful face paints)

I never got a photo of the spider man.. butterfly or the monster eye ( on a face- just on the leg with the hand drawn eye) but all in all it turned out and the kids were pleased ... even if I didn't really have a clue what I was doing..

I think I only took about 30photos at the lake ... I was there to lay on the beach.. relax and catch up with old friends

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