Monday, August 23, 2010

Almost over

only 2 days left and I am back to work and the kids are soon back to school.... no idea where the summer was or went

I have signed up for an amazing class.... ( I have thought I should make a shirt just like this ... but never felt I had the time...) BUT with an online class... I could not turn it down- they are so cute

(her blog: Dear Lizzy- on the right hand side)

The kids are busy getting into the fall time groove....

Damon will be playing tackle football (it started today but he is having some fun at his grandma and grandpa Walker's farm right now)... his nights look busy with football running M T W TH F SAT 2 hours each night... then following week T W TH F SAT SUN.... so I hope to get some photos of him - not always on the bottom of a pile-up :-)
Damon will also start hockey tryouts first week of October- I think.

AND Dj... will keep me even more busy at the dance studio...She will be taking Jazz 3 (along with Jazz 3 exam classes) 2 classes of Ballet (this is a first try at ballet and she will be in level 2) and Baton- where she will be still competing the same amount (solo,medley,solo dance, duet, and groups but will be adding 2 Baton... yes she will be throwing.... catching ...and spinning two batons at once... YIKES ...

I may need to apply for a second job.... I will never complain about hockey being expensive.... Until your little girl wants to dance ... only then you see how cheap hockey REALLY is!

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Jerri-Lea said...

Isn't her blog fun?!! That looks like a great top, I'm sure you could stitch up a few of them while waiting at baton or dance!
Don't you find that August seems to slip by so quickly!! (Though we are lucky to have the time with our kids so we shouldn't complain!)
Let me know if you want to meet up and go over any signs once you get into the school year!