Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cupcakes and Fresh Garden Goods

I managed to get all 64 cupcakes baked last night and iced this morning by 10am for the football bottle drive and potluck lunch

They were Yard lines ( some were thinking Saskatchewan player numbers.. I thought it was pretty clear what they were.. oh well)

Some of the garden goods that were ready to be picked and enjoyed for supper....
I finally picked one of the peppers ( I only bought red and yellow) but how long does it take for them to turn on the plant? I have at least 10 more growing but 3 or 4 really BIG ones like this one in the photo ( behond the beans and carrots)

On last day off for the kids before school gets going... Danica is ready to get back... Damon not so much... Yikes grades 5 & 7 ... how does time fly so fast?
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Jerri-Lea said...

Looks like your garden did far better than mine!! How did your zucchini plants do?

sassy said...

wow, great produce!
Those cupcakes are so cute too!
Tell your Mom I'll even give her a cash advance if she wants! I really don't see much fire king here anymore and garage sales are not an option quite yet (2 year old prefers to run than shop)