Friday, August 13, 2010


'Twas 2am on a stormy Thursday night,
Everyone was snoring in bed tucked-up tight,
When on the deck there arose such a clatter
With KEDA and HALO wondering "What the HELL is the matter?"
I sprang outta bed and chased them around
Then stopped at the back door to investigate the sound
Hoping it was nothing and I could get back to bed
When I saw such a site that made me shake my sleepy head
The white ForceFlex bag bulging full of trash
had now tumbled down the stairs with a great big crash
there was ham, there were ribs and Chinese noodles too
strewn all over the yard...... "Oh ,&%$#^*what to do!"
two beady eyes stared back at us with a gleam
It was the strangest stray cat I had ever seen
From behind those piles of garbage and yesterday's pizza box
stood a gangly, narrow nosed, sly little............


also... tonight I will pick a winner for the lip gloss....

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