Monday, September 6, 2010

Sock Piggy and Monkey

2 socks..cut one through the half way point of the heel...

2nd sock turn inside out ... draw pattern (tail, 4legs and 2ears) sew with sewing machine on black marker lines then cut and turn right side in.... and stuff each part except the tail....a pipe cleaner works for a curly little tail!

sew all stuffed parts and tail onto pig

and isn't she cute! she is just missing a mouth... but Danica was tired of sewing for now.. she hand sewed all the parts on.. even the buttons!

Pattern HERE since I missed some photos and my steps are not as clear....

(Since we tried to crochet a sack boy-Little Big Planet- but I soon found out I can not follow the Youtubes on how to make a circle.. after an hour and a pile of loops I gave up ... so if any of my friends crochet.... wink wink... maybe you can teach me the tricks of the trade)

Look at some of these cute animals... and I bet you will be running for all those ODD socks!

back to stitching her together ... Danica is busy putting the legs on... and the photos of her Piggy will follow as soon as we are done!


Jerri-Lea said...

Well, I can crochet... I'm sure I could give you a crash course. Do you have a printed pattern? I always give them to my hubby to read aloud ~ it always makes me giggle... sometimes trying to read it is the hardest part.

Kari said...

well that is the thing I have no pattern... if I can't follow the video I know I can not make heads or tails on the pattern.... i looked up a few and well all those numbers got my eyes bugging and well I just gave up... maybe if I even knew a thing about crochet it would have been better =)