Friday, July 29, 2011

Body by Vi challenge

To join my healthier you challenge.... I'm in it to get rid of my sluggish slow self... Lack of energy... Nonsleeping self

What I have noticed - more energy!! Plus .... Sleeping through the night and waking up ready to go!!

Kids - Damon has more energy... He asks for one everyday to start his day ... Which Is a plus... He has never ate breakfast... Hope to get him into a drink for breakfast habit that will help him concentrate at school and give him the nutrients hr needs to grow healthy and make more healthy food choices

Danica - slower to take them... Found a chocolate milk recipe with a hint if mint ... She slurped that right up! Again I just want her getting all her vitamins , minerals and nutrition for the day in one shake!

Interested in tasting a ViShake? Or more information

Leave me a comment... I will be back to city Sunday! And love to whip you up a mocha latte, piƱa colada, a Saskatoon berry or another one of my 100 recipes!!!

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