Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creative- maybe we will see

Armed with my gift card -a Christmas present from a student I went to indigo and got this book( I was reminded when a fellow blogger made the spegetti cupcakes here)

such cute ideas and since my mom always made me and my brother wonderful homemade b-day cakes I thought maybe I could get creative and make a masterpiece! we will see.....baking the cupcakes as I type... then to coat some marshmallows in melted chocolate( I hate 'mellows by the way...but it is a sacrifice for the art of the cupcakes)

i hope to have a big tray of them to take to the staffroom on Friday since at our school it is Teacher appreciation week---and I find it kinds odd that not one thing has been dropped by to enjoy in the staff room--

I want to post a picture of the ones I am doing but..... I'm not going to to ruin a surprise ;D

and I do not need to have a "what they should have looked like" photo just in case

on another note:

POOR Kedia got fixed today... I think I will take a little photo tomorrow..that is so wrong in many ways ... but you know.. they shaved him! I didn't know they would do that...his poor pink bald little boys
and how to keep him from licking them is a whole other question!


Aspergertopia said...

Ooooh! I can't wait to see how your cupcakes turn out. Very thoughtful of you!

Hope your kitty feels better soon. Poor guy :(

bamemories said...

Save some for me!!