Monday, February 9, 2009

yesterday i took the kids skating at the outdoor rink by the bessborough.... we had a blast and topped it off with hot chocolates from Starbucks with a load of whip cream and chocolate syrup! (they had the red velvet cupcakes there too)
today i was called by the school- Dj was sick =( seems a bit better a huge sleep-and I did too-

the jonas brothers will be in saskatoon.... well at least in a 3-d movie.... Dj and I will be taking going think I will get my tickets now....

Kedia was sick all weekend throwing-up everytime he ate.... now Dj is sick--- she giggled when I mentioned that maybe he gave her the sick bug!

here is to hoping this bug is done here....since damon leaves 630am on wednesday for skiing at table mountain all day!!


Saucy said...

Thanks for the tip about the tix! Loopy and absolutely, positively have to be there!

bamemories said...

I still can't believe that we haven't caught the flu bug this year yet--knock on wood! Maybe it was just all the chocolate and whipped cream!!!