Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baton update

I am currently making a movie/slide show in picasa....on the other computer( it has been 30minutes!) and I have a few extra children running around playing hide-n-go-seek with two cats that are following the kids around! so soon the slide show is complete I will be editing this post.**the slideshow will be a no go I seems to be causing some problems on blogger**

Danica did very VERY well at baton... she scored 2 green and one white ribbon in her march, pre-medly and forward motion..... after lunch she did her solo(it is a pre-made up routine by her coach) she did great only 2 drops! her comment by the judge was maybe next time choose a harder routine! she scored a 1.85out of 2.5 and her coach said to expect a .5 to a 1 her first time at a competition! not bad for 12 hours of baton classes =)

Damon had a huge hockey tournament they placed 2nd in their pool... i did not see Damon's big goal but he got the tying goal late in the second period and the boys all piled ontop of him! He had a great weekend too....and played very well against all those BIG small town team!

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Saucy said...

Hockey + baton = you deserve a medal.