Thursday, March 5, 2009

Helping out

As the kids had just finished eating and I was preparing Blake's second grill cheese =D they decided to get some of their homework done! Danica and Damon both listen to Blake read his RAIN book. Damon helping when Blake got stuck on a word, Damon helped him break down the word into letters...and their sounds and then helped him bring it all together to get the word ( I was impressed to say the least!) One of Damon's best qualities is his compassion to help people out.... FLASH BACK to grade 1.... they had just had a cancer awareness assembly at school and Damon wanted to help out....... out the door the next day he had packed all his money from home ($46.00) to donate at school for the cancer money drive....... I was okay with him taking $5.00 but told him he should put the rest back..... teary eyed he was not going to give in..... "Mom, I want to give all my money so no one has to die from cancer again and they can afford the new machine at the hospital."..... so how do you say no to that.... I do believe he was reimbursed every last loonie back into his piggy bank and then some for his sweet little heart! I am glad that as he gets older he still keeps that same soft fuzzy heart for others.

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bamemories said...

You'll have to thank Damon for me. Your really do have a great boy in him. I hope some of that rubs off on Blake as he gets older too.