Monday, April 27, 2009


Have the winter tires off the car.... but I have someones tires on..... HMMMMM...
I now have a bald set of Pirelli Tires on.... that as far as my google search turned up are cheap little tires ( $99 each) and who knows where my Good Year Eagle low profile sport tires are.... well since they were next to new.... expensive ($125-$140 each) they were the ones that came on my car which has only 40 000K on it and is a 2006 but of those 40 000K... 2 winters have had winter tires on... so lets knock it down to 30 000K.... I wouldn't have phoned in saying I had the wrong tires either if I were them...

Thank goodness I am dealing with Costco ... they have great customer service! or at least we will put it to the test now!

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