Saturday, April 25, 2009

grade 3 science

Danica had her first science fair.... and her experiment:
I think she had a good response to her concoction.... water and cornstarch... tap the cornstarch in the container and it is a solid ...let your finger sit on the solid and it ooozes around your finger.... the kids loved when she gave them a small little piece to squeeze tightly in their palm to make a hard ball and in a few seconds that hard ball turned into a puddle!

All the grade three's worked really hard on these presentations...there were close to 78 experiments to look! from Rubber Chicken bones ( yuck-I hate eating chicken meat off the bones it grosses me out) and to see jelly rubbery chicken bones floating in vinegar--- well lets just say I will always be a breast girl.
There were lots of tornado bottles.... and homemade lava lamps....flubber...and dancing raisins!

Have a few minutes between making a batch of brownies.... which we will sprinkle with turtle crunch sprinkles- care of the michaels...

I HAVE NOT DONE my taxes yet!!! that is what I will be consumed with tonight...while eating a couple warm brownies...

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Saucy said...

mmmm turtle crunch~ Let us know how you like that Micheals stuff, it is from Wilton, so it's probably good. What of the set did you get?

Science fairs are usually more work for parents than for kids but you did your part, eating those chicken bones clean.