Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well Danica and I have been rushing around Regina for Provincials in Baton.... getting here was an somewhat easy task... getting to the hotel was a whole other story... Ring road closed at the exit we were told to turn at (GPS)... so kept going... then it recalculated--- and we were in some residential area! YIKES! then it beeped and beeped ..... "DJ- whats that beeping ..." "It says the battery is dying!" GREAT... and 11.7 KM later were were out by the Science center... and eventual to our destination on the right....
and we forgot the one part that plugs into the outlet for the GPS charger-- so with at trip to Walmart... a swim and then we were ready for bed!

up at 645am - Hair... Make-up... costume... TIM HORTONS and then we were off to the competition... were Miss Danica Jade ROCKED!!!

she received 1 blue(2nd) and 2 White (3rds) and her solo is where she shined!


is what she scored --- no drops and all she needed for that extra .13 to advance is faster finge
r twirls! look out Canadians! she might get her advancement there!


bamemories said...

Congratulations Danica. Give me a call when you guys get home. WE'll take a trip to the mall together.

KAGS Herself said...

Wow Miss DJ and your bionic baton twirling digits - congratulations!
Did you get the curly wig Kari?

jkddz said...

Tammi I will be leaving here after one more swim!... I will call when we get to the city....... Karen I did get it what a time saver! they only had the expensive one but worth every penny....