Monday, May 4, 2009


check these out ! just waiting for the supper to be done then we will be decorating cupcakes for Dj's Baton this week.... mine will not be this fancy! but how cool are they!and look what I found.....CUPCAKE TO GO

off to Michaels with my 40% coupon.. maybe 2 and I will make Dj buy something.... need something to transport all the yummy cupcakes.... or maybe a tower of my own


Saucy said...

Those LEGO cupcakes have taunted me FOREVER! I really want to try some of those! Keep us posted. Are you going to make marshmallow fondant (very easy) or buy the stuff with your coupon at Micheals?

The towers are on SALE at Winners, I saw one there yesterday. It's a nice Wilton one that collapses, I got one myself before the cupcake party, I think it was just under $20.

Saucy said...

The cupcake party is a brilliant idea! Just brilliant. I will talk to Sassy about it when she gets back from San Diego tomorrow.

If we did it before the end of the school year, people would have mad cupcake skills so they could make cupcakes for the end-of-the-year parties.

bamemories said...

Yeah, I'm all for the cupcake party--I think we should do it for sure!