Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Olivia Macey

My Friends are now proud parents of 4 beautiful children

and unfortunately for Holden, think he was convinced it was going to be a boy- he did not get to name the baby Cowboy Ranger-like he had hoped ;)
And little Lilly got her wish...(since the baby was overdue-and to a 2year old-10days is a long time) she had told her mom that maybe by winter the baby would be here *and she added a big sigh*-- what a silly cute girl she is =)

When I take Damon and Danica out to spend a week with my parents I will be able to take some photos.

Now to continue on with my lazy day....
the only real thing that has been accomplished today is Halo's BAD bad knots she has.... she is now sporting a patchy-new do.... maybe I should just trim it all up... she seems to sit there for me without much fuss, granted it probably feels great to get some of those tangles out!

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