Monday, July 27, 2009

Holiday Highlights

Well still no baby for my friend- who is hopeful that the Dr will induce her soon!

The kids spent a good part of the 2nd week on or behind the boat that their friends own! they both went knee boarding and loved it! and they enjoyed the three-man tube they had as well.

So after a long HOT week ( it was 45 in the cabin the one day!) we rough it there... No power... No running water.... and yes OUT HOUSES (not my favorite at all)

it has come full circle for most of us there... our parents took us when we were young and now we all take our kids and watch them play together =) The all hang out and rule the camp....

Danica and three other girls even set up a spa.... with matching outfits( or as much to as they could get with what they had packed there)... they had Avery doing the Massages(her mom is a RT-the one having the baby) they had Cassy doing manicures... Danica and Delaney doing pedicures and foot/hand massages... and they even thought to have a tip jar....( The first day the spa opened it was all free with only so many slots to sign up for) the second and last day they had the tip jar... and every girl made $6 for the afternoon... NOT bad at all =)

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