Thursday, July 9, 2009


was doing a little searching online while the garage sale was slow...and we are going to be making something sweet.. that will make you smile--- or at least Dj and I hope it will...

we picked up some edible markers so we can decorate on the candy melts....

think it will turn into a late night... but I had enough coffee to keep me going for a while

Garage sale is going great! We are selling lots and tomorrow is a MARK DOWN MADNESS

UPDATE.... they did not work!!! not even close... but I didn't have eggs to make the cake so used cookie dough half cooked it and smooshed it into balls but didn't put the sticks in... which is called for when making the cake ones... oh well... so what do you do with a bag of melted chocolate?

buy some pretzels and dip them.... into a dark purple now...the yellow just didn't suit the pretzels!

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