Sunday, July 19, 2009

Waiting Game

... I'd like to think for me... but this little one seems to be playing games with my best friend..... she was always one week early with each child(this will be the 4th) and apparently does not want to be like the others! and thank you for that, little one... because I was then able to take the pregnancy photos I promised my friend....
and I hope to be back to the lake right before or after this little one is born for some super cute infant photos! and I am sure some of the other 3kiddos =)

and one of their family photos.... they needed to be spaced out a bit more but after a long day at the lake this still was their favorite! that little cutie pie dancing ... well that is just her character... that is truly Lilly (she reminds me so much of Dj-right down to the sassy-ness)

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Saucy said...

Beautiful photos! You see, being late works for some things!