Monday, August 10, 2009

Treasured finds

While looking around on my parents farm we found these old bottles...

COKE Classic - NO RETURN stamped on the top... no date though?!?

This one is stamped with 1956

But this is the cool one... anyone know anything about this is Pop House and is marked :
Under the bottle authority of Saskatoon POP HOUSE LTD Saskatoon Sk 30FL. OZ(851 C.C) 10Cents deposit

We also took all the old very early 1900's doors from the house... thinking of making a tri-fold room divider... or maybe a headboard... or desk top with glass on top.... and we have tons of old wooden window frames some with and without glass... thinking those would be cool leaning up on a wall... or hanging in an entrance way with a little shelf under it-

and the kids had their treasure find all week- baby kittens- she waited til the last day to move them all. they spent hours out there naming and playing with all 6 kittens.

I also have a HUGE bowl and fresh raspberries....what shall I bake?

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KAGS Herself said...

Treats for a day trip to Wakaw Lake on Wednesday!