Friday, October 30, 2009


The Pumpkins are carved =) Keda is in LOVE with the mouse one... everytime I set it up he picks off the mice one by one!

and apparently the hair I sported today was the in thing according here and the this blog! (check out that studded pumpkin- HELLO ugly brads- this would be perfect )

And after 2 hours of CRIMPING it was done (11:30pm) and with a few touch-ups this morning I was ready for the day in Kindergarten! as a--- well---- a girl in all black and crazy hair.

Think I may keep my hair like this for tomorrow! since it is Halloween and all... and lets face it I don't want to invest another 2 hours doing this!
Happy Treating tomorrow =)
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bamemories said...

love the pumpkin and esp. the hair! We'll most likely see you in our trick or treating adventures this evening! Maybe you should come over later for a drink.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pumpkins! Love your hair!