Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or......... TREATS

A DEAD CHEERLEADER..... now for the more serious shots-- you know more DEAD-LIKE:

A ZOMBIE ELVIS and A ZOMBIE HUNTER(thats what happens Damon when you say you want to dress up 2 hours before tricking time!) Grab your Nerf gun and get going!

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they boys were back after 2 hours.. with a HUGE haul of treats! the most original- Toronto Maple Leafs mini puck gum- in a little cardboard box....

Danica just stopped by with her girl friends to unload 2 Walmart bags full and they are on their way to trick or treat all of Beerling Cres =)

Keda has decided to join in the Halloween fun..... perched on the back of the couch MEOWING at the ghosts and gobblins as they walk up the driveway... and Halo has taken a comfy spot beside me on the couch- paws covering her eyes =)

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