Thursday, October 15, 2009

The little blue box

I decided to email Party Cupcake Ideas ( when I found it on Saucy's tweets or twitter or whatever it is called)
I emailed them my 2 cupcakes that I had posted here and here... thought why not! its worth an extra entry =P and I visited the Tiffany website for the first time about 2 weeks ago ( I attended a Silpada party and the lady had Tiffany bracelet that I admired) so I was looking to see how much it cost...and I found out they had charms too... OooLLLLaaAAA ......there are some 
wonderful ones!

And to my surprise I had a response to my email that same night! here is what she wrote:

"Hi Kari-

Your Mojito cupcake sounds amazing and so unique!  You ladies sure know how to have a fun time while baking cupcakes.  Thank you for sharing your cupcakes with us and I can't wait to feature them on our site.  I hope you send us more fun cupcake pictures from your next baking session.

Have a great day,

Melody and Scott"

PS I hope the girls from the Cupcake Baking Day  do not mind but I also linked my blog of that day as well !! and gave full credit to Saucy for putting on the workshop.

Just went back to the Tiffany site... Perhaps I need one of these... I don't think I would ever lose my keys again!

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Jerri-Lea said...

Good job! Pretty exciting!
I think of you as my craftier, thinner self! teehee