Sunday, October 4, 2009


The kids really enjoyed this outing... we went with one of Damon's school friends (and his sister and mom)
while there the kids got to:
-sew stitches with the real tools
- laparoscopic surgery (placing rubber bands on little pegs with the use of the real tools with the TV monitor to guide them through the 'surgery')
-put on the scrubs like a vet
- pet and interact with various farm animals(chicks, calves,lambs,goats,dogs,pigs)
- blow up real life cow lungs(laying in a cookie sheet-with a small straw to blow through-YUCK) Damon had commented that the air coming back out to of the lungs tasted funny- DOUBLE YUCK)
- see a real cow uterus- thank god they did not want to put on gloves and feel around for the fetal calf!
- pull a stuffed animal calf (Damon shared his calf pulling stories with the girls, they were impressed that he helped on the farm)
- look at 'canned' parts of animals- gross me out ---HALF a cat head people- really?!

Guess my little childhood dream of being a vet was proved today that I could not have handled this at all....

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