Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girl Time Gala

Yesterday I spent the main part of the day with Tammi...... picking out our outfits for the GIRLS GALA at The Bay on Saturday...
My sister-in-law is one of the managers there and was putting together the fashion show... she needed some friends/family to fill the modeling spots.... I was not going in on this alone so I managed to get Tammi to join me!!  Danica was also added to the list.... she was wanting to know what you get if you win the modeling search =) guess she has watched a couple Top Model show with me =P But she is OK with it just being for fun- and she is now wondering how they want her to wear her hair--- oi

After 4 hours Tammi and I had our two outfits... complete with smoking HOT shoes, jewelery, purses and jackets!

here is a look at what we will be wearing:
Guess Sweater 

Lady Dutch

I love all the clothes and shoes and jewelry ( a Guess charm bracelet=P so yummy) how to chose what I want NEED at a discounted price for volunteering =) 
oh yeah and a super sweet yellow purse----
what's a girl to do????

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