Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Birthday and Cupcakes

its at this point when I think why did I take this on.... and with every chance I get I put it off until there is no time left to screw up!(it is Midnight and I still have some more to make)

I am now half done Danica's pupcakes for her Petland Party for tomorrow.....  the treat bags are made and all that will be left for the morning is to run get some cash for the payment of the party and a XL 2C coffee... that may calm my nerves ( if there is a BIG snake or a HUGE spider brought to the house!)

tonight I enjoyed homemade pizza -- care of BAmemories =0) so yummy but the best was her cupcakes coffee flavor with a little sumthing sumthing in the icing I am sure she will post photos! and the girls, including Tammi, rocked out to Danica's sing it on the Wii..... Avery loves to sing-- wonder where she got that from?!?

soon as I finish up I will post photos of the lovely Pupcakes =P



Kristy said...

Those are ADORABLE!! Grrrreat job!

Karen of the KAGS said...

But look what you did Miss K! They are A. MAZE. ING! Danica will be SO happy!

Jenn said...

Awesome Kari!! They look A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Can't wait to hear what animals come to the party!

Jerri-Lea said...

Work. of . Art. Fabulous job!!! I'm sure she loved them!