Sunday, December 6, 2009

Petland Party

I have to say it was well worth the money... Danica was in HEAVEN =) Liam was the Petland who brought all the animals to the house....with each animal there was a presentation on where they were from and interesting facts.... It was amazing ... just like having Animal Planet in your livingroom....
I will show the party in photos:

 The animals: Ferret, bulldog, kitten,bearded dragon, snake,diagos(spelling unsure of), cockatoo

If you have a child that loves animals look in to having a Petland Party...
Liam even left with a yummy cute little white cupcake!

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bamemories said...

I see there was a snake there-how did you cope with that? Looks like it was great fun and I'm sure I'll be looking into this for Avery--did you know that there is Pony parties as well, but only in the summer. Check it out here: .Maybe we should just plan an outing there in the summer.