Friday, December 11, 2009

Cheesecake, cupcakes and Santa

This is what I have done all week.... aside from work, jazz and baton class, getting my hair re-highlighted, and a staff get together.
First I happened to check online and we only had 9 days left to write Santa!!! last year it was a quick email, but with Damon (11) and Danica (9) I was thinking I would get a feel of where they were this season ;o)  and Damon got right to it putting his list together and in a hurry to get it to the Big Guy and Danica was right behind him!! This has to be the longest letters they have sent, also most expensive!! ( Damon,as I said before... Santa will not have room for a 48" LED flat Screen for your room!!!) His list topped out at 23 items! that is 2 pages carefully written in LARGE print =o)   Danica was way more conservitive with her list 15 items ( her items that made me giggle were a cellphone-yeah right!  a TV for her room- again keep wishing and a small camera along with almost every fur-real animal that has been made!
On Tuesday Tammi phoned me at work and we arranged a special drop off of the kids lists to Santa at the mall ( she may or may not have phoned all the malls to find out where the best free presents for seeing Santa were) So with Damon not really wanting to sit up on Santa's knee and Danica, I think following in her brothers lead, I was thinking of ways to make them cooperate.  And once we were there.... and Tammi's kids went first.... and we slipped our letters in the mailbox..... I was able to get this one quick photo:

And here is what I was busy baking:

Carmel Macchiato Cheesecake

Turtle Chocolate Cheesecake:

and of course a party without cupcakes- think not!
bight turquoise butter cream icing with 1) chocolate sprinkles 2) white ball sprinkles 3) decorating sugar sprinkles:

now to make a list for a cupcake class for Damon's grade ( 30 eleven year olds) thinking 2 cupcakes each but I have in mind one of the snow globe and one of the crate of Coke or the North Pole sign...... these are all ideas from Bakerella - amazing blog - I can spend hours looking at all her ideas! ( her blog is posted on the right) I think I may have bit off too much this time... all in 3 hours of class time... hope it can be done!

I have not been able to locate any red cupcake liners... I was wanting just 30 so that the globe one looked cool :o) but we will see what Michaels has tomorrow!

now off to print a wack of coupons from the Michaels site!

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