Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cute ideas

I have founds tons of cute sites full of charming ideas for Valentines...

for "crayon" Out Loud (smiles- like this play on words, but would it be too bold for me to put this on the kindergarten heart crayons I'm making them?)
and check out number 2 on the site as well... Cute little i-pods with KISSes headphones....HERE

and I so want to try this out for the kids soon.... doesn't it look amazing (Instructions)


Jenn said...

looks yummy!

Love the idea for the kindergartens! I don't think it's too bold by the way.

For Little Beans preschool, we are making valentines that say "you rock" and attaching pop rocks. He is super excited to hand them out

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!! I'm going to do this for my K's as well! Thanks for the idea!

sassy studio said...

I love crayon hearts! I just purchased a electric frying pan at VV to make them and it doesn't work!!!! Left my old one at school, rats. $7.99 gone! You should do a tutorial!!!!!! (PS-I'll take your greens if you don't need them! I'm starting on the sprout's b-day party) I can also show you how to do side walk chalk-but you probally have doen that one already.
I love the cake-wouldn't mini cupcakes be cute like that too!