Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainbow Cake

so here was my Rainbow Cake attempt! This was one BIG cake- six vibrant layers high. A little more icing was needed but I was not venturing out again for more Cristco.... this was a pure butter icing with cream and maybe 2 heaping TBPS of cristco ( I went through a whole big cardboard tub in December and never replaced it)

Damon and I purchased 90 boxes of heart candies ( $rama) we are making Rock Candy i-Pods for his class(30) Danica's class(30) and the grade 3 class I have, who also has 30 students..... not to mention the 20 heart shaped crayons I will be melting down for the Kindergarten class...... and the 19 Valentine Swap items I will be making for the 7th......
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Jerri-Lea said...

Great job on the cake!! I have yet to decide what kind of card to make for the 7th! I better get busy, today is a great day to stay in! I think the snow won this one!