Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starting off on the RIGHT foot

At least I hope so.....

6am - can't sleep-- so finished uploading photo to Costco for today(since I am Scrappin' with some friends)
7:45am - BAmemories, her friend and I are on our way to SPIN CLASS at Mawson gym!
8:15am - only 15 mins into class and I figure I will not make it!!! but 5mins later I am feeling good/better-ish
8:35am - TAMMI HOW LONG IS THIS CLASS!?!?!? puff puff pant pant - okay actually gasping for air!!!
9am - Class is finished and I feel GREAT! and ready to take on the day

Now to fight my way in and out of Costco.... then off to catch up with some friends and get some scrapbooking done!

and maybe a little Karaoke tonight at this new place in town... as BAmemories guest.... I will not be singing- I can't even get above a 65 on Rockband =) Kids and I got a lot of playing time over Christmas and they always had to save me from failing!!  but I know she will be up there putting the TWANG into every song  ;-O

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