Sunday, May 23, 2010

BATON Nationals- Regina

Queen City Classic Baton Competition and National Team Trials were this weekend. Danica did amazing

Solo: SCORE 2.25 (4th)

Medley: SCORE 2.58 !!! which means not only did she move up to 9-11yr BN, she also got a first place medal!!

THINK group: they had a competitor this time =) but still scored a GOLD medal

Pre-Solo Dance: SCORE A - a first placing
Danica was amazing... she caught both her warm up 1-turns in this routine and she nailed them again infront of the judge!

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sassy said...

good stuff!
the flea market was near 20th- I don't know the area well but I need to find a few more crates myself ( I cleared the flea market out...sorry!)- If I find a coke one you like its all your apres party-I'll try to round it up this week! You and D are more than welcome to come to the party( I thought D might find it too babyish but visiting is fun too)-1401 13th street 3-5.