Saturday, May 8, 2010


Danica had a busy day again =) she was so close to moving up, but fell short. She scored a 2.2 in Solo and a 1.9 in Medley(which I think was really off-no drops and she was on beat, but its all with what judge you have and today was a hard one)

Her group got GOLD (I know it is by default- only lrg C group in province)BUT they rocked it this time... with only a couple minor drops =)

Danica and Damon also won a couple draws.... Damon a couple water bottles and a pig Webkin(which he gave to Danica- how sweet) and Danica won a Minky Dimple jacket from triple flip! we are going to see the other colors and try on a different size tomorrow.

and a lovely damask rolling tote(for our carry-on in July) with a turquoise leather trim--- I'm just too lazy now to take a photo- need to get to bed it was a n early morning and a long day

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