Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sherwood Dance Competition

Danica's team was rewarded with a HIGH GOLD for their routine!!! that means they scored above 90!

My mom came along... and we did manage to get a little shopping in =)

***an hour trip to Ikea (super short-I know) with only spending $41.00- not much can fit in a small car =).... But I did manage to get to the gift card for $75.00 that I was owed from the last trip to Edmonton(2yrs ago)...let just say customer service is not high on the Ikea list of priorities!!
** maybe 2 hours in total in the Box Stores which I did not find much this time =(
a couple cute necklaces from Laura (one was only $4- steal of a deal) My mom picked out her birthday gift from me there too (a sweater, bracelet and a necklace)
** West Ed Mall was a last minute decision.... right after the girls were finished on Saturday, my plan was to drive to my parents..... but that soon changed when Danica over heard that her friend was going to the rides!!! so at 5:30pm we arrived at the mall, quickly ate... and the girls were off to the rides..... Danica has only been there once when she was 3 (and being a short munchkin- she could only ride the little train, the hot air balloons and the mini dragon roller coaster) this time being a TALL 52" she was able to ride on all the rides! and they did just that- MINUS the BIG roller coaster.... they did go on the Medium one- 5 times in a row!!

Think she really enjoyed it....

We also found baby kittens at the farm... a couple weeks old and so sweet... Danica spent most of her day there!

off to finish baking my muffins... they are skinny and tall... it one of my Ikea buys! and the muffin liners are what make them super cute!


bamemories said...

She didn't bring the kittens back this time did she? Maybe Avery and I will have to make a trip out to your farm one of these days so she can see the kittens too! Glad you had a good time. Congrats Danica!

Karen of the KAGS said...

We saw lots of people who were at the competition - but not you! How funny is that!

Anonymous said...

HI Kari,Wow how cool. Congtats Danica.Not sure if you will get this Kari. Hope you are all well ,busy I can see. Talk to you sometime. Heather

Jerri-Lea said...

Good job Danica!!
Thanks for your kind words K! I tried darn hard to keep my cool with the whole experience! Glad it's over for now, though they are asking to do another trip!
Are you doing a count down yet? I started! I think 26 school days until finals!!