Friday, May 7, 2010


Well to my surprise this morning... I was early for work (I bet is is one of the first times this year) so I thought I would treat myself to a Cinnamon Dolce Latte

So I pulled up to the starbucks on 8th( by Winners) and placed my order... and when I arrived to the lady to pay..she replied " the woman ahead of you recognized you and paid for your coffee and said to have a wonderful day" and with a warm feeling in my heart and an "awe" feeling because someone cared to get me my coffee and wish me a wonderful day.... I headed to work with a smile on my face =)

The only downside to a Random Act of Kindness........who to say Thank You to???

So to the kind hearted lady in a silver vehicle THANK YOU.... your truly made my day wonderful... when Kindergarten got a 'little' WILD today, I took a sip and was reminded of your act of kindness and smiled =)

on another note..... my Mom called my cell at 315 and left a message that my Dad had been taken to the hospital with chest pains and a very low heart rate..... when I called the cells Dad answered(doesn't he know he shouldn't have it on?? when he is hooked up to the machines, then again I called it!) anyways he said his heart rate was up a bit now... they are doing ECG's every 30mins along with a blood pressure/ heart rate check..... and he sounded a little ticked that he would be in all weekend....but said he felt good.............Mom said they would call if any change.... so they both figured I didn't need to rush back home.... Think I may still drive down Saturday after Danica's Provincial Competition on Saturday ( or of course sooner if there is a change) Danica has to compete tomorrow in order to get her ranking level to compete in Canadians in July(Toronto) and I have already bought our plane tickets and hotel! BUT family is first so she may just have to enter in the open and be out of medal contention for Canadians.


Jerri-Lea said...

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope everything turns out alright! Take care of yourself too!

Anonymous said...

I am sure everyting will be fine... Mom called and said the Dr's called to Edmonton to confirm that it could all be his Blood Pressure pills that are all of a suden causing this....

thanks for the warm wishes